Design House: Bedroom Design Ideas

Kathy Potts - Design House LynchburgSimplicity, tranquility, good cheer, these should be your goals in a bedroom makeover project. Your room’s size, naturally affects its decorating possibilities and its capacity to serve other purposes.

Here, as in other rooms, strive for a harmonious relationship between color, form and space. If your bedroom isn’t restful and restorative, then change it!

First and foremost in your plan should be more than just sleeping accommodations. Inevitably, your bedroom typically becomes the chosen place to accomplish those things which require privacy – reading a book, writing letters, pursing a hobby, watching TV, or contemplating plans for the next day. With clever planning your bedroom makeover project can accomplish all those tasks and more!

Choosing a bed – Your bed is typically the most dominant piece of furniture in your room. Your bed must be comfortable to you, so I encourage you to make whatever investment is necessary to get absolute comfort!

Night tables – Minimally, it’s important that the top space is adequate for a lamp, book or magazines or clock.

Floor Coverings – This product should always be selected with consideration for bare feet in winter. Wall to wall carpet is the choice of many! With large sized, decorative area rugs, also a popular and practical choice.

Window Coverings – Is privacy your main concern? Are room darkening treatments your priority? Or, do you prefer to let the sun shine in? Be sure to share your thoughts and functional requirements with your decorator. She will know the best products given your special circumstances.
Kathy Potts

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